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Florian Genz and Kathleen Falconer, University of Cologne

Saturday, the 18th of November 2017, 10.00 – 13.30, Room 0.27

How to construct a concept inventory in science education? - The practical use of videographed think aloud interviews and focus groups

Concept Inventories (CIs) became increasingly important for science education in the last two decades. Most CIs were developed as distracter driven multiple-choice questionnaires. However, there is no concise definition so far about: What are the essential and obligatory steps in developing a valid and reliable CI? Hence there is also no consensus about what CIs actually measure. Therefore, this workshop gives theory generating an overview about

a) Steps in instrument design

b) Overview of key components in instrument design

c) Methodology comparison for various physics Concept Inventories

Further, we will focus on theory generating techniques from videographed think aloud interviews and focus groups. Moreover, this interactive workshop gives insights into the current development of the Flight Physics Concept Inventory (FliP-CoIn) and helps participants to derive their own questionnaire items from the theoretical framework of FliP-CoIn, which will be discussed and improved by the help of the instructor team.


Florian Genz, Zukunftsstrategie LehrerInnenbildung (ZuS), Universität zu Köln

Kathleen Falconer, M.S. ed, M.S. physics (Purdue), Institut für Physikdidaktik, Universität zu Köln